Birgit Knoechl

out of control_growth IV


Forms of plant life and the liveliness of paper as a material couple in Birgit Knoechl’s works of art and become modular structures grasping at space. Starting from neophytes, types of plant that are permanently travelling, the artist works with these parasitic plants and the unpredictable characteristics of these invasive organisms. As soon as they have reached a new area, they settle in these alien territories and drive out resident species. out of control_growth IV presents excerpts from Knoechl’s archive of leave and flower forms, sequenced, manipulated and abstracted samples that are repeatedly mounted in new forms and structures. The idea of growth is visible in Knoechl’s work on multiple levels: on the one hand as a process of natural multiplication, on the other as the formal aesthetic procedure of the replication of identical set pieces.


Text by Franz Thalmair

appeared to the exhibition »Tja, im Loop kommt man weiter«
Glockengasse No 9. / Vienna/A